It has been a while, friend.

It has been such a long while since I last posted a blog. Oh I was very active in other social media sites, especially FB, Ig and Pinterest. I shall endevour to post more and on a regular basis. For now, back to work.


Registering your car in the Philippines

Two days ago I had the stomach-churning realization that my car was last registered back in 2013 which expired, yes, last year.2014.
I honestly forgot.
So today I am here at the LTO Paranaque extension branch in SAV1, near the city hall. Coming in, an emission testing facility was at the corner. I knew I had to get a certification so I drive in. Barely 5 minutes and it was all done. Give them a photocopy of your OR and CR, 450php and ask to get stenciled. A representative of a TPL insurance agency was there, helped me by not only providing the insurance (850php) but also with the parking, estimate of how much everything will cost (including the compulsary new plates〔450php〕and penalties)and instructions.
I waited a bit for the inspector (it IS 12pm, after all. People need to eat). The nice inspector took very little time, handed me the papers, told me to proceed to window 4 (Evaluator) who then told me to wait by window 7(Cashier) who then told me to wait by window 8(Releasing). I only wished it was air-conditioned but the industrial fans did cool the waiting area.
Until next year.


I’m starting to dislike small, white and fluffy dogs.

I took Vlad out again today. And yet again, I took the bike. It finally dawned on me: Husky= sled dog. Ergo let Vlad pull the bike. It worked! Since he couldn’t veer quickly, I had enough time to compensate so as not to have an accident.
It was going well until my neighbor’s dog. This is a different dog owned by a different neighbor.
Their maid was walking the dogs (
there were 3) but she let one go, leash trailing. I just knew that was a very bad idea. She, apparently, didn’t think so because even when she saw me she made no move to retrieve the leash. Vlad started lunging, hampered only by his very thin leash. In order to avoid paying damages ( I know his growls, that dog would’ve been in a world of hurt) I picked up Vlad. He struggled and still, the woman didn’t pick up the leash. I told her ” ate, kunin mo yung tali, mag sasakmalan sila”-( take hold of the leash, they’ll have a go at each other) only then did she, rather lacking the urgency the situation demanded, took hold of the leash, and only because in his agitation, Vlad took a bite of my right cheek (it just grazed me, thank goodness).
Please, never let go of your dog’s leash when outside. It’s dangerous.

A Husky Named Vlad

I am a first-time Husky owner . I read up on them before I got this handsome fellow who I affectionately named Vlad the Destroyer. And he lives up to his name. To date he has already destroyed: one shoe, one pillow, a shirt, short pants, door mats, my wifi router wire and a few trash bags. He tried gnawing on the car plate but it proved too hard for him.


This morning I opened the front door to find the garage littered with pillow stuffing. It was like confetti. So I grabbed his leash and took him for his first morning walk, he,in turn, took me for a run.
Oh he started out slow, the fiend. I thought he was content with our sedate walk but apparently he was only getting the lay of the land. After about 2 turns around the village, he went on a full out sprint, dragging me. I couldn’t run as fast because I had my keys and cellular phone in my pockets and my headphones jangling with every step.
I had this brilliant idea of riding my bike while holding on to his leash. It was great. He ran with abandon as I sedately pedaled.
All was well until he saw the neighbor’s dog. That little white fluff threw itself onto the fence, barking all the while. And Vlad, the little devil, bolted to attack. I had the leash on my wrist with my hands on the handlebars. The sudden movement caused the bike to jerk. I was not in the best of positions when I applied the brakes. I slid, tripped, had half my torso over the handlebars before I caught purchase on the road and stopped myself from flying over.
Can you say “adrenaline rush ” and “near-death experience”?
I saw myself with a broken nose and an unbecoming shade of purple,red and green before I caught myself.
I think I’ll stick to my own powers of locomotion for my own safety and peace of mind.
image Vlad in his favorite spot after the run that nearly maimed me.

The Happiness of a Newly-Minted Archer

A few days ago I received the news that the bow I received was for kids. I was devastated. It was a gift, you see. I could try to use it but there was a very real danger that it would break and the string could whip around and do some real damage.

But luckily, the staff at Kodanda ( basement, MCS) knew someone who was selling their bow.  Behold!image

I cannot tell you how happy that made me. I couldn’t afford a brand new set, but this is well within my budget. I tried it out and all I can say is I LOVE IT! The transition from wood to steel was not as jarring as I thought and although it is a bit heavier, it was manageable. The staff gave great advice and made sure that the bow was in good working order.

But the happiest moment was when I walked back to the office with the bow. People gave me a very wide berth. I was smiling but I guess it wasn’t reassuring. Or maybe it made it worse. The bow might have given the impression that the holder is a creature with whom one does not mess with. It warmed my heart.


Frustrations of a would-be archer

Today I went to the range to try out the bow that my awesome uncle gave me.
Exhibit A:


But when I got there I was told, very kindly, that my bow is for kids and that my finger tab is used for hunting.

I was crushed.
Exhibit B:


It was a gift and I’m loathe to waste it. And apparently, when I have issues, I’m a pretty good shot. 


But I’ll still get external bruises to show for my internal wounds (que dramatic violin solo here)

Oh well, c’est la vie. But I did get a peculiar thrill when people gave me a wide berth because of the bow. Simple pleasures make life fun.

Week One, Day One: Organization and Purging

Day One :

I have a short attention span sometimes.

I’m reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and she has all these ideas that strike a cord so every time that happens, I put the book down and do whatever it is. Hence the sporadic and somewhat prolific blogging today ( see past blog posts)

My Happiness Project starts today with Organization and Purging.

I started with my very large wardrobe/container unit. I have 3 cabinets, 10 drawers and a 7 level shoe rack.

I went through my clothes while I had the book in my hand. I had to put it down because as you can probably tell, it isn’t the most efficient of working styles.

I culled enough to fill a paper bag to brimming. A big one.

I always thought that I didn’t have enough clothes and as it turned out I had a lot, I just wasn’t wearing them because they either do not fit well or do not look good on me. Although some of them were expensive, they were just taking up space and truthfully, they were taunting me. They had to go.

I also dug through the amazing pile of bags I forgot I had because most of them were in dire need of repair and I forgot to do so.I gave away most of the serviceable ones and kept only a few pieces that I liked.

I can now see the bottom.

3 cabinets and 3 drawers done.

As with the painting, I’m going slow on this one. I’m trying the minimalist lifestyle. We’ll see how it goes.

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